Zoomclass Marathon - ваша команда победителей

Zoomclass Marathon - solution for your corporate event

We will prepare your employees for the marathon

Why do you need a marathon for your company?

Top trainers will prepare you for the marathon
Unite the team by one goal
Improve social connections between your employees
Improve your HR-brand
PR during the marathon. Achievements of your employees will improve the brand of strong, healthy, and social-responsible company.
Work-live balance
Motivation and inspiration of employees will increase after sport achievements
Decrease health risk
3 pieces of training a week decrease 2 weeks annual sick leave
Affordable budget
The price of this corporate event is dramatically lower than the offline event.

How do we work?

Zoomclass will prepare your employees to the marathon in a safe and professional way. Our focus is to avoid injuries and prepare your team in a convenient schedule
Connect your team to the service
30 employees – average amount inside the group
Each group has an individual personal coach
Set goals and identify health condition
Select the event for the running and the length of distance based on the health condition
Prepare a training plan
Analyze milestones during preparation and correct the plan if needed
Participate in official competitions
Safely prepare to long-run distance and participate in official competitions
Get the dream team!
Schedule a demo
We will prepare a commercial proposal for your company and present our product
Number of employees

About zoomclass

We have a huge experience in Corporate Wellness market. It is a pleasure for our team to improve corporate culture inside the companies and make people healthier.
We have prepared more than 1000 clients to the marathons.


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